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Let your lawn breathe with our amazing aeration.

Aeration is first important step in the lawn renovation process. Our aerators break up compacted soil , creating crumbly light soil, perfect for seed germination. Water and air can now enter your soil along with micro-nutrients that let your lawn flourish.

Finest Green generously over-seeds to make sure your lawn grows.

Our seed is a special blend of a qualified, elite seed. We custom blended our seed to meet Massachusetts' sun, shade and soil specifications. For optimal lawn growth results, we over-seed because birds and the weather tend to sweep a few seeds away.

  • Fill in bare spots in the lawn.
  • More room for grass, less room for weeds
  • Aeration provides ideal environment for seedling growth
  • A very strong step to a healthy, happy long
Aeration and Over-Seeding

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